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Company B

Female Miami Bass - freestyle dance trio. Produced by Foxy's Ish Ledesma Original line-up: Charlotte McKinnonLori Ledesma and Susan Johnson.

Charlotte McKinnon was replaced by Lezlee Livrano before their debut album was released.
Livrano and Johnson were replaced by Donna Huntley and Sheena B., who was soon replaced by Julie Marie Albers, though Livrano and Johnson would return and replace Donna Huntley and Julie Albers for various albums.
Before the group was reformed, new members Tamara, Lana and Grace released a CD single entitled “Fascinated 2000”.
The group recently reformed, with original members Charlotte McKinnon and Susan Johnson (now Susan Marie) and new member Rachel Leslie. Quelle Discogs

Company b Fuego Night club

Company B Music - Oye mi canto 2017

Miami Beach Throwback Bash 7/17/2021


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